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LowCostCremation.com helps consumers locate licensed, professional cremation
providers who offer basic direct cremation services.
Our advertisers will also assist you with memorial service planning, prearranged cremation
services, Medicaid-compliant prearrangements, and sea or land scattering of cremated remains.

United States low cost direct cremation providers Low cost cremation helps consumers find local cremation professionals that offer direct cremation services and products. Cremation professionals who advertise their services on LowCostCremation.com offer direct cremation services, memorial service planning, cremation urns for every budget, custom memorial printing, obituary placement service, and scattering services for cremated remains.
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1) Cremation prepares the remains for final disposition. After the cremation process, you must decide whether you will inter the cremated remains in a family plot in a cemetery, place them in a niche in a cemetery columbarium, scatter them at sea or over land, or keep them at home.

2) You CAN have a traditional funeral service -- with viewing of the body in an open casket, with the body present in a closed casket, and a service at either the funeral home, a church, or other house of worship or public facility -- and cremation can follow. Your licensed cremation professional will make you aware of the various services and merchandise options that are available when cremation is selected.

3) Licensed cremation providers must quote their prices accurately over the telephone and in person. This is a requirement of the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) Funeral Rule.

4) A casket is not required for direct cremation. Funeral homes and direct cremation establishments (a special license granted by some states) that offer direct cremation must make an alternative container available to individuals who select a direct cremation. Alternative containers can be constructed of cardboard, plywood, other composite wood products, or pouches of canvas or plastic.

5) Embalming is not required for direct cremation. If the direct cremation is delayed because of extenuating circumstances, refrigeration (if offered by the firm) or embalming may be required. Your cremation provider will inform you of state laws or individual firm policies and the extra charges that would apply under these circumstances.


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